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Expand your mind;
Reading a Book

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible, wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers. – Charles W. Eliot.

A place to learn, have fun and grow together

Welcome to The Writers Blog Talk Show and TWB Book Club, a dynamic online community where individuals of all ages and backgrounds come together to foster a deep appreciation for literature, cultivate their writing skills, and collectively embark on a journey of personal and intellectual growth.

Our platform serves as a nurturing space for readers, writers, and creative enthusiasts, offering a plethora of engaging events and activities that not only celebrate the written word but also create a sense of belonging and shared learning.

Why The Writers Blog?

A Vibrant Literary Community

Join our vibrant literary community, where words dance, ideas mingle, stories flourish, and creativity knows no bounds. Connect with fellow enthusiasts and be part of the story.

Diverse Literary Experiences

Discover the richness of stories; from thought-provoking tales to soul-stirring poetry. Dive into a world of diverse literary experiences that captivate, resonate, birth faith and transcend boundaries.

Experienced Hosts and Mentors

Discover and connect with our experienced host who brings to bear on the Writers Blog her many years of working with stakeholders within the publishing industry.

Fostering Creativity in Children

Nurture the boundless imagination of young minds with our curated collection of literary wonders, which will foster a love for reading, writing and spark the creative flame within each child.

Ongoing Learning and Mentorship

Whether you're a budding author seeking guidance, a seasoned writer looking to refine your skills, or a general book lover, our team of mentors is here to inspire, support, and nurture your creative spirit.

Inclusivity and Family-Oriented

Step into a literary sanctuary that embraces inclusivity and the spirit of family. Our community is a haven where diverse voices converge, and every reader and writer becomes an integral part of our literary family.

Vickie Amoah

About the Host

As an author, creative writer and editor who has published several articles and stories in local newspapers and magazines, Vickie Amoah brings this rich experience to bear on the TWB radio and TV Talk Show.

Vickie Amoah

Artiste Radio / TV Host / Published Author

Renowned Authors interviewed across the world
Young readers and aspiring writers
Major events including meetings, workshops and craft fairs held in a year
Dedicated team members

Book Club at a Glance

Our Book Club is a thriving community where the joy of reading and the love of literature is paramount. TWB is a book review show designed to celebrate Ghanaian and African Authors and their works, and promote various stakeholders within the publishing industry.


TWB Book Club has made me develop interest in writing and creativity.



(TWB Book Club Member)

This is indeed a great initiative and we are grateful to God for the team. Great job! We wish the Writers Blog team all the best.


Afua Afua

(TWB Book Club Parent)

Because you deserve to shine.

Become a member of The Writers Blog Book Club and embark on a literary journey filled with enriching experiences and endless possibles.