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About us

 As part of efforts to encourage reading and writing in our society, “The Writers Blog Talk Show” – a partnership programme created by REVEAL MULTIMEDIA LTD. with SUNNY 88.7FM and SUNNY TV as its current platform for this transformation.

  • The programme projects the store of knowledge in the volumes of books as espoused by faith-based, motivational, children writers and general development authors in our time.
  • It seeks to also promote various careers within the publishing industry.

What Sets Us Apart

The Writers Blog Talk Show is a weekly, one-hour program designed to enlighten, entertain, and inspire our audience. Our multifaceted show concentrates on several key areas:

The Power of Literature

We emphasize the invaluable wealth of knowledge embedded in books and the impact it has on society.

Reading and Writing Advocacy

We underscore the importance of cultivating a reading and writing culture, showcasing its numerous benefits

Book World Insight

We delve into book releases, reviews, and thought-provoking commentaries that guide readers and authors alike.

Author Profiling

We introduce our audience to the personalities behind the books, offering an intimate look at their journeys and inspirations

Publishing Industry Exploration

We explore the vibrant publishing landscape in Ghana and beyond, featuring key players, from authors to editors, publishers, copyright officials, book vendors, and social commentators.

Book Spotlights

Each week, we review and discuss specific books from both new and established writers, offering in-depth insights and sparking intriguing conversations

The fundamental purpose of Green Valley is learning, not teaching. Here, you learn how to learn.

David Hughes

Founder, Green Valley International
Vickie Amoah

The Kiddie Zone

Our special "Kiddie Zone" segment is tailored to ignite a passion for reading in children. We enthusiastically discuss books and audiobooks penned by young writers and children's authors, fostering a love for literature from a young age.

About TWB Book Club

Out of the talk show's dedicated followers and listeners came the TWB Book Club. This vibrant community of readers and writers seeks to make a difference through books and literature. We offer a range of activities and engagement opportunities

Our club aims to help you and your child:

  • Find the right books to read.
  • Discover bookshops and libraries in your vicinity.
  • Master vocabulary and build thought-provoking sentences.
  • Develop strong reading and writing skills.
  • Grasp various book themes for meaningful conversations and discussions.

At TWB Book Club, we are dedicated to everything writing and everyone reading.

Courses offered with 5 world languages and 120 electives.
Countries represented by over 2500 Students.
Physical Meetings: Every LAST SATURDAY OF THE MONTH
Online Meetings: As and When
Daily Online Interactions: On a designated WhatsApp Group page
Students teacher ratio, for proper attention on child.

About Reveal Multimedia LTD

Reveal Multimedia Ltd. stands as a vibrant and innovative creative force dedicated to nurturing a culture of literature and literacy. At its heart lies a deep commitment to igniting children's curiosity and passion for stories and learning. As the mastermind behind "The Writers Blog Talk Show," Reveal Multimedia has taken the helm in the country's literary landscape, establishing itself as the premier Book Review Show. This pioneering platform, under the guidance of Vickie Amoah, a multitalented Creative Personality immersed in writing, broadcasting, music, and the arts, embodies a commitment to celebrating the written word in all its forms.

Reveal Multimedia’s core functions revolve around

  • Book Review Show: Through “The Writers Blog Talk Show,” the company offers a dynamic and engaging space for authors, readers, and industry professionals to converge. It serves as a conduit for exploring diverse literary works, discussing their themes, and fostering a love for reading.
  • Literary Advocacy: With children’s interests at its core, Reveal Multimedia champions initiatives aimed at promoting literacy among the younger generation. Whether through events, collaborations, or educational outreach programs, the company is dedicated to nurturing a lifelong love for reading and learning.

  • Multimedia Expression: Beyond books, Reveal Multimedia embodies a fusion of creative expressions. From writing and broadcasting to music and the arts, the company explores diverse avenues to celebrate and express creativity.

The Reveal Magazine

Welcome to The Reveal Magazine, an online haven celebrating the diverse voices and stories of Ghanaian and African writers. Our mission is to amplify these voices, fostering a literary community while reigniting the passion for reading and writing within our society.