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The Reveal

Online Magazine

In the Reveal Magazine, we strive to rekindle the love for literature by nurturing emerging writers, equipping them with the platform and voice to address pertinent societal issues through their craft

What to Expect:

Each edition showcases a featured author, delving into their journey, inspirations, and works. Additionally, our magazine presents thought-provoking articles contributed by the public, covering a spectrum of themes and subjects. Stay updated with the latest releases through our comprehensive coverage of new books and dive into a calendar of literature-related events.


Story/Article: Engage with compelling narratives and insightful articles that captivate the imagination and spark conversations.


Child’s Story/Article: Encouraging young minds, this section showcases stories and articles geared toward our budding readers and writers.


Business Advertisement: Promote your literary services or products to our engaged audience.


Book Launch Announcements: Stay informed about upcoming book launches and literary events shaping the literary landscape.